Manage all your OTAs through a single platform
No more multiple logins required. ResAvenue offers a powerful yet easy to use channel management system that allows you to manage your online distribution with ease, while simultaneously expanding your universe of potential guests. ResAvenue Channel Connect consolidates multiple sales channels into a single, easy to manage channel. You can efficiently manage availability, rates, and inventory across multiple OTAs, all from a smart single interface.
Rate/Inventory Management
Rate/Inventory Management Change Rates and availability for selected days and room types, across extranets in real-time. Save hours in managing rate parity across OTAs.
Bulk Updates
Bulk Updates Easy interface for quick bulk rate and inventory updates across extranets. Update rates of selected room types and rate plans for specific date ranges and days of the week.
Room Mapping
Room Mapping Map a room to several room-types on different extranets to help you maintain rate parity and common inventory pool with ease to avoid overbookings.
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis See your competitors' selling prices across multiple sales channels and online travel agencies worldwide. Evaluate your position and adjust your prices to maximize your revenue.
Room Linkage
Room Linkage Use one single master room to automatically change rates proportionately for different kinds of rooms, by setting up pricing rules between various room / rate types.
Booking Update
Booking Update Get real-time updates of bookings from multiple sales channels consolidated into a single, easy to manage interface that auto-decrements inventory to avoid over bookings.
Allocation Alerts
Allocation Alerts Receive automatic email and SMS notifications when inventory allocation on your extranets is 'Low' or 'Sold Out' and offer Last Room Availability.
Intuitive Dashboard
Intuitive Dashboard The dashboards in-built analytics helps you track of hotel's performance over time. Get quick updates of total number of reservations and arrivals this week, channel performance trends. Get insights on usage of rate and inventory updates, bookings and rate comparisons.
Reports and Analytics
Reports & Analytics Learn, optimize, and sell more using intuitive sales reports and analytics. ResAvenue has built-in analytics tools to generate reports for every online sales channel and give insights to identify your best-selling channel and your low performers.
Yield Management
Yield Management Use the yield management for room pricing strategy to maximize revenues from your perishable commodity based on understanding of consumer behavior and available inventory stock.
Seasonal Rates
Seasonal Rates Enjoy the ability to create seasons for your hotel property to quickly markup/markdown room rates based on seasonal demand. Easily manage your Low Season, Shoulder and Peak Season Rates.
Promotions Promotions are all about adding value, attracting attention and stimulating sales. Publish enticing promotions to your customers across extranets, which they just cannot resist!

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